Hey there, I’m Eva Genin. 

I’m an international Portrait photographer working and living actually in Costa del Sol. Spain

 I have worked in Roma / Dubai / Goa / Ibiza / Monaco

My new series of portraits it's called: 

☛  You are Everything... Because we are Everything... 

And I am just the one who wanted to capture that moment when everything seams to be perfect and happy.  That moment in our life who it's already gone but we should never forget. I sell emotions and Love, not paper or digital files. 

My portraits reflects my STYLE . Onto the world I see beauty everywhere, because for me all of human beings are unique and rare.       

 My photography style has been    influenced by Street and Urban Portraiture.

Black and White portraits are naturally my goal in portraiture and I do DIRECT people on the stage to make them at their very best in front of my camera.

Portfolio and book for models are inside my  " a la carte"  menu: 

I do cover Private Party and Ceremonials Events with videos, my assistant she's speaks Spanish fluent. 

And I  also speaks fluently 4 languages to communicate with ALL our internationals clients. French, Italian, English & Spanish with some help ;-) ! 

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