The story behind the smile

My story starts in 2011, during a vacation in Goa at the resort Taj Vivanta, I met father John who was with a group of children, and I thought they were part of the animation of the hotel !

How stupid I felt when he explain me the story behind...

In India, and in Goa at the bottom, are the children most vulnerable and at risk of abuse. These are the children who live on the streets, under bridges and beside railway stations. Some are orphans. Some are driven from their homes. Some have run away from an abusive parent or step-parent. Some others, confined to the walls of their home, forced into labour, sexual abuse or even prostitution. Alone, these children do not have the divine right to a happy childhood with access to care, food and education. El Shaddai provide to give them a save place to live and being educate into a real school.

Every child in the Homes attends school. Some who have attended schools before, continue at a nearby public school. Other children, who have never attended school or who have dropped out of the system for years, go to non-formal schools until they are ready to take the public exams.

Sponsoring a child is less then 20$/month...

El Shaddai correspond to sponsors, communicating to them in various countries, doing monthly reports and slideshows of the child giving information us about the home, education and result.  

You can also visit them in India, they are welling to meet their sponsors indeed.